What are the benefits of using D-LAN instead of the default system tools?
D-LAN is designed for massive transfers, you can manage a queue of files to be downloaded. A file may be downloaded automatically from many peers at the same time to speed up the transfer and prevent peer downtime. D-LAN has a fast global search feature that the default system file sharing doesn't have. You will find more information from the feature page.
I don't see other computers in my network.
  • Check you have the latest version of D-LAN.
  • Be sure the ports 59486 (UDP) and 59487 (UDP + TCP) are opened in your firewall.
  • Be sure UDP multicast is allowed in your network. The address used is this one:
  • All peers must use the same protocol: IPv4 or IPv6, look on Settings > Network.
D-LAN slows down my computer when hashing, what's that and why it's needed?
hashes are necessary to identify all the parts of a file. It allows the multi-source downloading and the data integrity verification. During the hashing process only one core is used, almost all sold computer today are multi-core. All the sharing files has to be read once, so it can slow a bit the disk access.
D-LAN uses too much ressources, how can I improve that?

If D-LAN is currently computing some hashes, you have to wait the end of this operation, see the previous question. Otherwise it's possible to close the main D-LAN window, the GUI will be disconnected from the core and take less ressources.

Try to not have more than 10'000 files in queue, periodically clear the queue.

There is no Mac OS X version!?
We are currently working on a Mac OS X version, it will be released when it's done.
Can I configure D-LAN to start automatically when my computer starting?
Windows 7 : Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services . Open the properties of D-LAN Core and set the Startup type from Manual to Automatic.